Mankind is a letter to you

A novel with a number of storylines that Derix links with each other very ingeniously and in which the world is saved in a very special way, - Adri Gorissen in De Limburger

An impressive achievement, - New Word Order

A fascinating metaphysical thriller - Peter Winkels

A beautifully written letter to everyone. The novel can safely be regarded as a small gift to mankind. A gift that deserves to be read. Especially in this time. - Maarten van Laarhoven in Chapeau Magazine 

The way in which the author connects the various storylines is brilliant. Also beautiful is the variation of prose with sometimes a fragment of poetry. A beautiful, but not easy to digest story. - Dutch Library Service / Biblion

'A philosophical palette full of ideas that fits exactly with our time. Every day we are confronted with aspects of the issues that are dealt with in this novel. And because it is not such a thick book, and interwoven with excitement and romance, it is all certainly worth it. Govert Derix unfolds his ideas in a clear way, and leaves a clear message. - Leestafel

Sometimes poetic, sometimes fairy-tale wise Derix takes us into an unexpected fantasy of today. The result: a heartbreaking story. - The Optimist (formerly Ode)

A book that you take with you to the most beautiful places, fascinating thoughts and surprising views. Pack your bike and get on your way with Govert's letter in your luggage. - Peter Pasmans, Radio Surplace-Cultuur / Omroep Venlo

The book should have been twice as thick. - L1 Culture Café 

'This book can be an anchor for searching people. - RTVMaastricht

Govert Derix writes an Odyssey with Helena as its goddess, a new Gilgamesh epic, a story of creation, a story that everyone writes or hopes to write who experiences love. - Gert Boonekamp

A novel by Govert Derix is never just a novel' - De Limburger