I regularly give lectures and presentations. Below is a small selection from the nineties and the beginning of this century. The archive of the agenda also gives an impression.


Managementdag van het Rijk (Congrescentrum Den Haag):
lecture and seminar ‘New ways of working’.

TIAS Business School (Tilburg):
Masterclass ‘The Vision Web’.

Cap Gemini Ernst & Young (Utrecht):
Masters in Business on ‘New ways of working’.

Hestia in Congres (womens day, Roermond):
Lecture on ‘New ways of working’.

Gaia Media Forum (Basel):
lecture on spirituality.

Internationale School voor Wijsbegeerte (Leusden):
lecture on chaos theory.

Museum Het Domein (Sittard):
lecture ‘Made in Mirrors’

lecture in the context of the publication of the German edition of Ayahuasca.

Lange Nacht van de Creativiteit, L1 televisie:
spoken columns ‘Six commandments of creativity’ (2006) and ‘Man and Taste' (2007).

De Stemming, L1 radio:
member discussion panel.

Gemeente Maastricht:
chairing discussion on air quality.

charing symposium on Domotica (Fontys); presentation and symposium on collaboration; stage interviews (Evoluon).

ING Amsterdam: lecture on evolutionary theory.

Philos, filosofisch café Groningen:
Lecture on 'the dialectics of greed'.

'En het woord werd beeld' (Sint-Truiden):
Lecture on language philosophy.

Have a look at the events archive

Have a look at the events archive