Advice in communication, culture and strategy. Plans, concepts, interventions and elaborations. A selection:

Province of Limburg - Strategic search with and guidance of the new Strategy cluster (October 2013 to the end of 2014).

Huis voor de Zorg - Strategic advice process and implementation concerning 'the authentic voice of citizens in a vulnerable position'.

Municipality of Maastricht - Recalibration program Belvédère in collaboration with civil servants, alderman and Council Committee for Urban Development, resulting in Het antwoord van de Sphinx ('The Answer of the Sphinx') and the realization of the Sphinx Quarter.

Mondriaan / GGZ NML - Accompanying activities (brainstorming, developing, writing and presenting 'inspiration / proposition paper' in the context of intended fusion.

Dominicanen boekhandel - As a member of the 'Dominican Quartet' to develop a strategic business plan for the 'best bookstore in the world' (The Guardian, CNN);  writing the manifesto Credo in Dominicans as a prelude to a strategic search.

Innovatie Netwerk (Ministry of Economics and Innovation) - Development of a new frame regarding the relationship between man and nature and philosophical basis of 'nature stories'.

Belastingdienst (Ministry of Finance) - Inspiration paper on innovative forms of participation, presented as keynote during and input for work conference.

Welzijnsorganisatie Trajekt - Strategic advice, speech and communication, social exhibition floor, pressure route, etc.

Dierenbescherming (Animal protection) - Advice on positioning and communication of the new animal protection center; advice national organization.

Cradle to Cradle Products (C2CP) - Development of a 'palletology', a philosophical underpinning of the meaning of sustainable pallets from recycled plastic.

Innovatie Netwerk - Develop and present a philosophy of temporary destinations for the concept of Temporary Alternate Destination.

VIA2018 - Contributing and co-writing to the Interim Report Maastricht Cultural Capital of Europe 2018.

Transforum / Telos - Text advice, title creation, final editing and in-depth interviews for the edition Please in my backyard.

Telos - Text advice and editing of the book publication Afstand en Betrokkenheid ('Distance and involvement'), perspectives on sustainable area development.

Syntens - various advices external communication - co-developer InnovationAward 'The gain of innovation' - communication IDEE! Project - several times engaged as a consultant in innovation processes.

Q-Park NV - support development 'philosophy of paid parking', inventor 'quintessence'.

Museum Het Domein - support development project concept 'Made in Mirrors, an intercultural mirror experiment'. Make a name, put it in a convincing text.

Mediascapers Foundation - develop concept, presentation at the Glaspaleis, think up name, present with inspired essay.

Orbis medical and healthcare concern (Hospital) - develops a book series to document the development of the 21st century medicine house.

Sony - Communication around twenty years of walkman.

Grünmetropole - communication plan, film script, film interviews on location in Venice, guidance organization presentation in the Germany Pavilion of the Architecture Biennale in Venice, inventor slogan 'The discovery of a new landscape'.

Diocese of Roermond - cultural analysis and communication plan Mission House.

Toolbox 55 / Vebego - communication advice.